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About Farmed Animal Net

Farmed Animal Net is a collaborative project of eight nonprofit organizations and was developed out of a need for current, easily accessible information on farmed animal issues. The mission of Farmed Animal Net is to empower individuals and organizations with knowledge about the complex issues relating to the billions of animals bred and slaughtered for human consumption. Farmed Animal Net strives to be an objective, trustworthy source of academic and industry information for animal advocates, educators, researchers, the media, legislators, and others.

Farmed Animal Net is comprised of two primary resources, and our weekly newsletter, Farmed Animal Watch. is an online collection of links, publications, research reports, news items, events, and contacts relating to the welfare of farmed animals. Most of the information is organized by topic and source in our "Information Index," however we also have separate databases for contacts and events. Please click on the links at right to begin exploring these resources.

    Farmed Animal Watch is our weekly news digest, which presents critical information in a concise and timely manner and is useful for a variety of audiences. We report on current research, legislation, activism, calendar items, and announcements gleaned from an array of academic, industry, advocacy and mainstream media sources. See below for a partial list of our sources.

Farmed Animal Net Sources

Farmed Animal Net and Farmed Animal Watch use a variety of sources from which to pull useful information relating to farmed animal welfare. Please see below for a partial list of these sources.

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